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The DIY Post-Graduate Institute for the Communication Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do You Plan to Spend on Your Work in The Speaking Husky Institute?

My whole life! Once I read all of the books on my first speaking and writing book lists, I may graduate to a DIY PHD in Communication though.

How Did You Select The Books on Your Lists?

I spent many hours perusing Amazon.com, reading public speaking blogs, and doing internet searches to produce this list.

Hey McKay’s Books! I sure wish you would open a location in Huntsville, Alabama. I found many very good public speaking books at McKay’s and at other local bookstores.  Many of these cool finds did not show up in my internet searches. (Maybe this link will help you find a great bookstore in your area.)

What books do you think I should add when I begin working on my DIY PHD in Communication?

Are These The Best Books About Speaking and Writing?

Who is the greatest President of the United States?  Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, or…? Who has been the most influential in Rock N’ Roll, Elvis, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, U2, or…?  What I am saying is that in my opinion, what the best is is frequently a debatable point.  I believe all of the books on my lists are good books or I wouldn’t have put them on the list.  Of course, I will have a stronger opinion when I have read all of these books myself.

As I read these books, I will review them on my blog.
Hopefully, my reviews will help you decide if a book is right for you.

Is There a Logic to the Order of the Books on Your Reading Lists?

No! Seriously, as I develop this program I may device a recommended reading order, but right now the order is based more on when I discovered the book than on any particular logic.

Do You Make Money on Those Amazon.com links in your book lists?

Yes! I spent much time collating the books on these lists, and will be very thankful if you click through one of my links to make a purchase.