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Hire Bill to Help You Speak Better“We don’t have to be on the same page to work together, but we probably should be in the same book.”
– a Customer at Olde Towne Coffee Shoppe, Huntsville, Alabama

How I Help You Through Coaching

My goal as a speaking coach will be to work with you so that you will be the best you possible when you make a speech. I strongly believe that a great speech is moving a great conversation from a private setting to a public setting, and I will help you do that. All work with me is 100% confidential. If you want to give me a positive shout out on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever your favorite social media is, that’s great! 🙂 I will not mention our work to anyone else unless you tell me to do so though.

Oh! If you’re afraid to speak in front of groups… I’ve been there! I can help you with that too.

I live in Huntsville, AL, USA, but you don’t have to live in Huntsville to work with me.

Why I Believe That You Should Consider Working With Me

I have devoted over 14 years to studying public speaking by attending Toastmasters meetings, giving speeches in Toastmasters, winning awards at Toastmasters competitions, making speeches to community groups, and reading books about public speaking. During my years in Toastmasters, I have given and received 100’s of speech evaluations. I have watched and studied video of speakers and standup comics almost as obsessively as some sports coaches watch and study video.

My experience in Toastmasters has taught me that to grow as speakers we need to practice our speeches in an environment that we perceive as safe. My goal will be to work with you to create a safe practice environment. As a coach, I will offer constructive feedback rather than constructive criticism. (I believe that there is a major difference between feedback and criticism.) Working together, we will create a personalized plan for you to become a very good speaker. I’ve worked with—Financial planners, sales executives, ministers, politicians, and other professionals. I’ll also work with students and other groups that I haven’t had the pleasure of working with yet. 🙂 By the way, you’re already a very good speaker. You may not realize that you’re already a very good speaker though! I’ll help you to realize that you’re a very good speaker!

I don’t believe that my coaching approach is the most important reason that you should consider working with me though. I don’t believe that my accomplishments as a speaker are the most important reasons that you should consider working with me either. The most important reason that I believe that you should consider working with me is — I love helping people become better speakers as much as The Beatles loved making music and Michael Jordan loved playing basketball for the Chicago Bulls. I will bring that passion to the work that we do together.

Who I Work With

  • Do you have a positive message that you want to bring to the world about yourself, your business, your school, or your organization?
  • Do you have a fear of public speaking that is holding you back?
  • Are you very confident in most areas of your life, but less than confident when it comes to giving presentations?
  • Would you like to decrease the time it will take you to become an effective speaker?
  • Do you just want the speaking dude with the humorous dog website to offer you a few public speaking tips?

If any of these statements are true about you, then you might want to consider working with me.

Working Together

Step I. We determine if we are the right fit for each other

I will send you a brief questionnaire to complete.  After I receive your questionnaire, we will speak by phone or email to see whether our goals and work styles align. (If you live in the Huntsville, AL area we can meet in person.) (To begin Step I, please complete the form on my contact page.)

Step II. Here’s How I Earn Part of My Speech Coaching Income

At the end of our work, there’s a Pay What It’s Worth Pricing component of what we accomplished together. I’ll ask that you decide the value of what you’ve received and pay what it’s worth. I’ll send you an invoice for $0.00.  No, you won’t owe me $0.00, but if you believe that my work was worth more than my hourly rate, then I hope that you’ll pay the difference. Your Pay What It’s Worth Pricing invoice will be due within 30 days of when you receive the invoice. For more information on how I get paid, please scroll down 300 pixels. 🙂

I’ll look forward to working with you. Your satisfaction is 100%+ guaranteed, and if you don’t believe that I provided the value you paid me, I will refund the difference to you up to 100%. For more information on my pricing and guarantee, please go right here.

Bonus—The Speaking Husky is a Social Business Enterprise—I will donate three percent of what you pay me to a nonprofit organization that you choose. 🙂

I Have One Coaching Package

I had a variety of coaching packages.  The details of each package contained enough words to stretch from Hong Kong to New York City.  Was this verbosity confusing?  I believe that it was.

Here’s what I do now—I charge a flat rate of $50 an hour. (In USA dollars.)  If you believe that our work together was worth more than $40 an hour, then you can pay me more when we’ve completed our work together.  (Please see Pay What It’s Worth Pricing.)  I hope that you’ll believe my work is worth more than $50 an hour. 🙂

Ideally, I’ll watch video of you speaking to coach you. If you aren’t comfortable with recording your speeches on video, we’ll work together to help you become comfortable with using video to improve your speeches. 🙂  (If you’re local, and are comfortable with this, I can come and watch you make a speech to a group or organization.  If you aren’t local, we can possibly use Skype for this.) We can work together by phone, through Skype, or in person if you are in the Huntsville, Al. area or I’m in your city.

One of my strongest skill sets is this—Research-Analyze-Synthesize-Present. You may want me to present my recommendations for you verbally and in a written report. My reports are very detailed, and I charge the same $50 an hour rate for my reports.

This Will Work Best If…

Do you have a positive/altruistic message to take to the world?  My goal is to take a positive message to the world and to help others with a positive message take their messages to the world.  I know, not everyone agrees about what is positive and what is not. That’s why we will talk by phone before we work together.

Hey! This Will Really Help Me… Help You!

(Yes, I do like the movie Jerry Maquire.) While I can help you prepare for a speech that you will be walking up to the lectern to give in the next ten minutes, that is not how I work best.  Hopefully, you will be very happy with the last minute work I do, but I may only be happy. (Isn’t it always better to be very happy than just plain happy?) So, if possible, please begin your work with me at least a couple of weeks before you will make a speech. (Depending on your experience as a speaker, longer than that might be even better.) Thanks!