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About Bill Boulton — Owner of The Speaking Husky

About Page Video Versions—John, Paul, George, and Ringo!

Since one of my goals is to emulate The Beatle Rule of Education, I decided that one video wasn’t going to cut it! I believe each video shoot gave me an opportunity to practice my communication skills! 🙂  While 70-80% of what I say is the same in each video, each short film has a slightly different emphasis.

Here’s the differentiation of each video:
John Lennon version—I speak a bit more about Social Business Enterprise and Sustainable Business.
Paul McCartney version—Here, I speak a little more about how my business gives me joy.
George Harrison version—This version puts extra emphasis on the spiritual dimension of my business.
Ringo Starr version—The other Beatles were fond of Ringo’s Ringoisms.  My business allows me to express my Billisms!

Please note—After the first few minutes of each video, much of the rest is very similar to the other videos. I’ve chosen to embed the Paul video in my page, but links to the John, George, and Ringo videos are below the Paul video. I hope these videos help you get to know me better! The text version of my story is below the videos.

John version is right here.
George version is right here.
Ringo version is right here.

The Shorter Standard Version

I am not passionate about public speaking and writing, I am insanely passionate about public speaking and writing. I share my love for speaking and writing by helping beginning and intermediate speakers improve their presentation skills.  I also write speeches.

Whether you are in business, education, government, or the social sector, you may find that we operate on a similar frequency. I will work with all positive people, and especially enjoy working with positive people who want to make the world a better place for all of us.   If you are a social entrepreneur, a sustainable business entrepreneur, or a person who wants to a deliver a positive message to the world regardless of entrepreneurial bent, you will probably find that we have much in common.

I live in Huntsville, Alabama, a city that Computerworld called one of America’s top five technology cities and Popular Science Magazine called one of America’s 20 greenest cities. (The other cities I have lived in are — Atlanta Georgia, Auburn Alabama, Birmingham Alabama, Columbia South Carolina, Dallas Texas, and Knoxville Tennessee.)

I am dedicated to earning a DIY Postgraduate Degree in Communication Arts, and have also taken traditional MBA courses at UAHuntsville. I focused my research in my MBA classes on communication, social business enterprise, and sustainable business. Please consider taking this journey in communication with me. You can follow me as I work on a DIY Postgraduate Degree in Communication through my blog, or you can work on a DIY Postgraduate Degree in Communication with me.

My Background

After earning a degree in Economics from Auburn University in 1983, I worked primarily in the financial service and health and fitness industries, before starting an online business Rock, Read, And Roam! in 2002.  In January 2011, I launched The Speaking Husky.

I dedicated myself to improving my communication skills in 2001, and have since earned one of the highest awards in Toastmasters International, the Accomplished Toastmaster Silver Award. My speaking experience includes speaking for a variety of groups and organization including: The Audubon Society, The Optimist Club, The Mom’s Club of Southeast Huntsville, and the National Association of Retired Federal Workers. In 2006, I was one of two hundred speakers selected from a pool of over 5000 applicants to be trained as  a Motivational Speaker for Monster.com’s Making College and Career Count Program.  Much of what I have learned about speaking has come from my Toastmasters club — Hi-Noon Toastmasters.  I’ve served as President of Hi-Noon Toastmasters in Huntsville, Alabama two times.

The Long(er) NonStandard, But in My Opinion, More Interesting Version

When I was a little kid, I used to sneak out of our yard and cross a ditch to speak with one of our neighbors. This guy was a very kind retired gentleman who seemed 80 years old to me, but was probably in his 60’s or 70’s.  My favorite place and time to talk this guy’s ears off was when he went out to work in his garden.  I can still clearly hear him say in a thick southern accent — “Boy you talk so much, I know that you’ll grow up to be either be a ‘Philadelphia lawyer’ or a  politician.”  Well, I am not a lawyer or a politician, but I do enjoy public speaking and helping other people with their speaking skills…

The Long(er) NonStandard, But in My Opinion, More Interesting Version Continues Right Here.