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Preview of Coming Attractions (Speeches that I’m Currently Developing)

Speeches About Speaking

“Public Speaking- The Only Thing We Have To Fear… is the Opportunity Lost by Not Speaking.”

A speech designed to help remove the fear of speaking and too make speaking fun!

Speeches About Living With Chronic Medical Conditions

“My Colon Can’t Concentrate”

If I can live with Ulcerative Colitis and Attention Deficit Disorder, So Can You!

“It’s a Rain Shower Not a Hurricane”

Ways to maintain a positive outlook on life when living with chronic medical conditions.

“Ego Maniacs with an Inferiority Complex”

Are several members of your group or organization EMWAIC’s? (Ego Maniacs with Inferiority Complexes)  If your organization is full of EMWAICISM, you might consider letting me give this speech to help you learn how to harness the gifts of this “illness.”

General Business And General Purpose Speeches

“The Beatle Rule of Education”

A speech that uses music to demonstrate that the best learning is by doing.  This speech owes much to the 10,000 hour rule that Malcolm Gladwell discusses in his excellent book Outliers.

“Meet The Beatles in Speech 01”

The first speech I gave was about The Beatles.  I was in 11th grade and I was many steps beyond anxious when I gave the speech! The speech went very well though.  It went well enough that I use the story of that speech to teach the basics of public speaking.  Was there divine intervention when I made my first speech, or did I get extremely lucky?  After you hear the speech, please let me know what you think!